Mywifiext.Net Showing ‘Page Cannot Be Displayed’ – Troubleshoot Support

By | June 7, 2018

Unlike browsers show a different error message when you are unable to access For example, if you explore the Mywifiext Net in Google Chrome, it will show “unable to connect to the internet”. Prominently, if it does not work, then you can type the IP address in the address bar. It will also help to troubleshoot the issue instantly.

Tips To Troubleshoot the Mywifiext.Net Issues

Modem Setup: The cable from your modem should be connected to the router’s WAN port. This is clearly mentioned as ‘Internet Port’ on the router in the yellow shade.

Restart the Extender: Once restart your Range Extender, plug out and then again plug in the extender. If you are using the wired connection then remove the cables and reconfigure the whole setup.  It may be the cables are not configured properly.

Reset Your Extender: Reset button of your extender requires to be pressed for a long time up to 10 seconds. When you release it, all the settings and issues will be removed.  You will be ready to access the Extender Web Interface using the default Login details.

Check Your Browser: The browser has the cookie, cache and browsing history details, if you delete these, it will leave a good impact on the storage, internet speed and accessing the Mywifiext net.

Use Another Path: The most renowned path of extender setup page is, but you can also type the Sometimes due to any server issues, it does not work.

Use WPS Method:

If there is any problem to access Login page then you can use the WPS method. In case, there is no problem from your ISP’s end then using this method, you can directly connect to the router because Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) method automatically redirects the settings. You will not be required to access any default gateway. Simply press the WPS button of your router and extender. automatically, they will connect and light up the LED to notify you about the connection.

Follow the above-mentioned instructions will help you to get rid of   “page cannot be displayed” to access the Nevertheless, you can also connect to the Troubleshoot Team to resolve this issue via remote access.

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